Koh Chang weather forecast and deep details in each month for you to plan your amazing time in here.

Koh Chang Weather Today

Koh Chang Weather

For those who want to travel to various islands in Thailand, one thing that is indispensable to know before traveling is the weather during the time we travel to. At Koh Chang, to know the weather before is very important for activities and accommodation here. Koh Chang weather is divided into 2 periods during the high season and low season.

Koh Chang Weather in High Season

The High Season will start in the middle of October until April every year. Visitors will find a clear sky, bright, beautiful blue sky. The ocean is very clear and you can see fish and many corals under the water. The sea waves during this period are still stagnant is the best time to go out to do activities in the sea, whether it is snorkeling, watching fish and corals, scuba diving or fishing. This time is the most peak period of Koh Chang without you having to worry about the weather anymore.

Koh Chang Weather in Low Season

Koh Chang weather during the Low Season will start from May until October, with some sporadic rain in May and June and will be heavy rain during the period of July, August and September. Rain will start to disappear during the month of October.

Ocean activities such as Snorkeling the coral can still be done in the month that is not heavy rain, but the ocean may have high waves and water is not as clear as during the High Season. But if traveling on the right time during the Low Season, it is a good option because in May, June and October there is a slight drop of rain which is still able to do various activities and the best thing is about the cost of accommodation will be cheaper by half price compared to the High Season period

Consider the while. If anyone is interested in visiting on Low Season, Let check this article. “3 Reasons why travel to Koh Chang during the Low Season”, which we have introduced a way to find a right time when the rain is less and pay less too.

A section below is Koh Chang weather detailed during each month for you.

Monthly Weather in Koh Chang

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