White Sand Beach

They had white sand on the beach as same as the name with very long and clear beach.

No #1 Beach in Koh Chang

About White Sand Beach

White sand beach is the most popular beach in Koh Chang. With not far from the ferry terminal and it convenient to travel with full facilities on this beach.

Whether it is a hotel that has 5 stars till hostel or a luxury restaurant next to the beach till home-style and Thai food restaurant that tastes good and many choices for select. The White Sand Beach still close to big supermarkets such as Big C, Lotus, and Makro. Nightlife is here at White Sand Beach. There is a live music shop, a pub, a bar, and Thai boxing to watch all night.

The White Sand Beach is a place that has all the elements that you are looking for to relaxing in Koh Chang that we can say it No.1 Beach in Koh Chang.

Good For

Sunbath, Sunset, Chilling, Swimming, Dinner and Nightlife

Less Good For

Very busy in high season

Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- White Sand Beach View Point
- Walking Street

Stay in White Sand Beach

Accommodation in the White Sand Beach, There are many options for you. If you are looking for The beach hotel, we recommend KC Grande Resort & Spa, 15 PALMS or Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa so you can spend time at the beach in front of the hotel. Enjoy the sound of ocean waves during the day.

Or it is too high a price for you in White Sand Beach have some hotel on the mountain side that would cheaper than beach side. If you didn’t have any idea for the hotel you can walk around and check the place that fit for you. It’s only 1 main road in Koh Chang so you can spend your time for searching and pick the right place to stay.

Restaurant & Cafe in Klong Son Beach

As we said that the white sand beach is the number one beach of Koh Chang. There are so a good deal of coffee shop options for you. If you want to sit and sip coffee in the morning, try…

What to do in Klong Son Beach

The white sand beach is a perfect beach to sit and watch the sea. The beach is long, clean with white sand and the ocean is not deep so you can find sports activities to play along the seaside. Or will come to swim or sunbathe in this area is a good option but if anyone who has a lot of power may try to rent a kayak and row out to explore the sea outside. There are many rental spot along the beach.

Another thing you can’t miss is going to do spa & massaging. With many shops are open in this area. Will find a private shop with relaxing music. Or try to find a massage shop by the sea to relax with the sound of ocean waves. It seems to be chill as well.

Nightlife in Klong Son Beach

Endless fun at this the white sand beach is a lot. How about live music, pubs, bars at night or try to sit in a restaurant by the sea. They have many shops are ready to have a nightly fire show to add color to your special night. May goes to the pub at night and watch the boxing fight show to finish your special night.

Bicycle Tour in Klong Son

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