Lonely Beach

The beach that alive from morning to the next morning of the day.

The most favorite places

About Lonely Beach

What better way to get to sunbathing during the day? In the middle of a soft sand beach that is almost 500 m. long. Enjoy dinner moment with your partner next to the sea with sound waves, and let the beat up by classy pub at Lonely Beach.

Lonely Beach is a lively area from morning until the morning of another day. In this area, there is a white sand beach that is over 500 meters long, so you can sunbathe in the morning or swim in the ocean without rock or kayaking even surfing during the big wave is interesting. When late at night, it’s time to go out and enjoy the spirits of the pub and bar. A wide selection of pubs dazzled by a varieties of style that openings from began in the early evening until the new morning. Ensure that Lonely Beach will make you fun until you don’t want the fun night to end.

Good For

Sunbath, Sunset, Chilling&Relax, Swimming, Surfing and Nightlife

Less Good For

Busy in High Season

Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- Nightlife
- Sunbathing
- Kayaking

Stay in Lonely Beach

Most of the Lonely Beach accommodation is a hostel that suitable for Budget Traveler with a wide selection of options ranging from hundreds to thousands, and can also find a hostel with a swimming pool atBB lonely beach or KLKL hostel. Let say even you got drunk, you can go back to sleep in the room. Or anyone looking for a beach hotel, there are many options as well. Prices are starting from 800 onward, atWarapura hotel, Nature Beach hotel, Nest Sense hotel, Paradise Cottage, or Siam Beach.

Restaurant & Cafe in Lonely Beach

For restaurants and cafes in the Lonely beach, they’re not too many choose from. (Almost it is a pub or night bar) If you are looking for a coffee shop, there will be a Sleepy Owl, a semi-cafe restaurant. That you can have air condition to sit and relax. Warapura’s restaurant next to the sea is suitable for sitting and watch sunset, and we also recommend trying to order pizza because they are guarantee that their pizza are the Best Pizza in Town! Or anyone wishes to try to eat at the Nature Beach Restaurant, their food is not expensive. Also, we can go swimming in front of the restaurant and watching the sunset as well.

But if anyone wants to eat Thai food and enjoy the sea view, it is necessary to introduce the Monkey Bar which is next to the sea with it is the entrance to Cancun Bar, the shop has a seaside seat for watching the sun. Anyone who wants fresh seafood, must not miss Dang Seafood. Here, they are full of seafood that likes falling out of the sea.

What to do in Lonely Beach

Swimming and watching the sunset is the first thing we would like to recommend. The beach for swimming and watch the sunset here which can access via Nature Beach or Siam Beach. There are 2 points that will easy enter to the beach. The beach is over 500 meters long and the sea is not deep with no rocks in the sea that allows us to swim. To swimming, bring the ball equipment to play or who wants to try kayaking, Stand-up board that can rent by the beach for 200-300 baht / 1 hour. Who wants to sunbathe when the sunshine is not too strong, making a tan skin is very suitable for this beach. You will find many friends who come to make tan skin as well. If you are very tired, We recommend trying to massage by the beach. Listen to the waves with 1 hour of body massage or coming to sit and sip a beer, watch the sunset is not bad at all. If you are a fitness person, there is a BB Gym serving 150 bahts a day that you can play all day. Or if coming from another beach may try to find a resort next to the sea then order food or drinks and spend time swimming in the pool with a view of the sea is good to relaxation and t missed e things that don’t miss for Lonely Beach is Nightlife.

Nightlife in Lonely Beach

If you are a party person, We would say Lonely Beach is the No. 1 location that everyone must visit for the Party. The pub and bar here will open early in the evening. (the right time is about 4 pm onward) at Soi Thian Chai 1 and Thien Chai Soi 2, which is fill with more than 20 pubs and pub bars, whether it’s a dance line Acoustic line, live music, we would like to say that there is a full range for you to choose. But to recommend It is to visit Himel Bar, Tingtong Bar and Cancun Bar. These 3 places have different points. Which is enjoyable suggest walking into the alley to look for a bar that may be your style (because the bar here is good) and then settle down to some bar or will change it’s OK.

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