Klong Son Beach

The first beach that you will find an original lifestyle of Koh Chang people


About Klong Son Beach

Klong Son Beach is first beach you will meet at Koh Chang on west coast island. This beach is not on side of the road, may have to take car into an alley via Ayapura Hotel or Siam Royal View Hotel. This beach is also only beach on the west coast at Koh Chang that you will see sunrise and sunset at same spot.

Klong Son Beach is a place where many local people living. You will find a way of life at Koh Chang people in this area. Which includes Klong Son Temple, school, fishing village that will bring fresh fish to the coast every morning. At Klong Son Beach, it may not be wide area or long sandy beach but it calms, suitable for absolute relaxation.

Good For

Sunbath, Sunrise, Sunset, Chilling, Swim and Dinner

Less Good For


Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- Klong Son Temple
- Chao Pho Shrine Koh Chang
- Fisherman Village
- Bicycle Tour
- Klong Chao Leam Waterfall

Stay in Klong Son Beach

If anyone is looking for a place include high privacy, We recommend you to stay at Siam Royal View Koh Chang. This hotel is only one on west coast of Koh Chang where you can see sunrise in the morning and see sunset in the evening as same spot. The sea that looks like a bay by high level of privacy. Or if you try to look elsewhere, then we recommend The Aiyapura Koh Chang that gives you same privacy as well.

Restaurant & Cafe in Klong Son Beach

Restaurants in Klong Son area may not have lot of options. We recommend a restaurant nearby the sea that allowing you to spend your time with seafood and sea views in front of Siam Royal View Beach Restaurant and Bar located at Siam Royal View Hotel nearby pool. Or move a bit with the Shambhala Beach Bar. Which gives a little more privacy but the view is beautiful. And there is also swimming pool amidst beautiful coconut trees for you to swim and relax.

If anyone who has stayed at The Aiyapura Koh Chang must not miss the Rabieng Talay Restaurant, which guarantees freshness of food in every menu.

What to do in Klong Son Beach

For activities in Klong Son Beach, There are so many choices for anyone and suitable for every age.  with…

  • Klong Son Temple, An original people in Koh Chang lives in here. Good to go to Klong Son Temple with a beautiful church and learn how people living with monk. The temple is still natural, surrounded by large trees.
  • Elephant camp, Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp — which must say this is only elephant camp in Koh Chang who take care of elephants as same as one in their family. The elephants here raised with love and caring. You can feed elephants or ride elephants during study nature or learn how they live with people in peacful and respect.
  • Chao Pho Shrine Koh Chang, Arrive at Koh Chang you must pay homage father of Koh Chang. This shrine is the one of people in Koh Chang to come for pay, blessing or request any things. With is full of belief.
  • Fisherman Village, with fishing boats come to dock every morning after having gone out to find fish at night. And more special there are also have a Crab Bank. Crab Bank is a place when they have carb eggs caught rake eggs out for hatching eggs. Then they will bring crab balls to release nature which is good for learning, how they living with the nature.
  • Bicycle tour, this service have only at this area that covers all the top places in Klong Son. With a professional guide, who has experienced for over 10 years. And allowing you to spin your bike and study the history of Koh Chang.
  • Klong Chao Leam Waterfall, Medium sized waterfall that looks like a water basin below. With clear, clean water from mountains for you to lie in the middle of a large tree.

Nightlife in Klong Son Beach

For anyone looking for nightlife in Klong Son Beach. We must say that you may disappoint. Because in this area is quite focused on peace with no shop at night for you to enjoy. There may be a fire show activity at the hotel where you are staying (if any) but you can travel to the White Sand Beach, the place area filled with many night activities for you. A varieties of night shops, live music, swinging mazes, fire shows and Muay Thai. It is only 10 minutes away from Klong Son Beach.

Bicycle Tour in Klong Son

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