Klong Prao Beach

The Longest beach in Koh Chang with a relaxing corner like no other beach

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About Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao Beach is a beach that is not too crowded. And at this place, there are many good restaurants and hotels that can say to be one of the most relaxing and beautiful beaches in Koh Chang. With a wide area, There is a beautiful and long beach. We will be able to see tourists relax with sunbathing on the beach in general.

You will find the way of life of the people of Klong Prao community in general. At Klong Prao Beach, there will be Khlong Phrao Temple, Wat Khlong Phrao School. And the food market beside the temple where you can go and buy food every evening. Including many activities at this area.

Good For

Chill & Relax, Swimming and Dinner

Less Good For

Busy in High Season

Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- Klong Phu Waterfall
- Elephant Camp
- Jungle Trekking
- Klong Prao Temple
- Kayaking

Stay in Klong Prao Beach

You can find a variety of accommodation at Klong Prao Beach. That range from 3-4 star luxury hotels such as The Dewa, Cantara Koh Chang, Anna Resort, The Emerald Cove Koh Chang, Klong Prao Resort, Santhiya Tree Koh Chang, and more. Including accommodation that is close to nature such as Blue Lagoon Koh Chang is unique. Or if anyone wants to find a long term accommodation in the area of ​​Long Prao Beach, there are also many apartments for those who are looking for renting monthly.

Restaurant & Cafe in Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao Beach is a place that everybody looking for to relax with a coffee. If you want to have some coffee in front of sea view that you can sit and read your favorite book. We recommend that you with Wari Coffee, a coffee house with a western style located by the sea of Klong Prao Beach. The store is decorated with a lot of windows that makes the shop look airy and there have a reading corner and air-con room to relax. Or who wants to have a cozy little shop. We recommend Marin Coffee, Klong Prao branch. At the chicest atmosphere, you can sit inside, get a cool air conditioner or sit outside and look at the people live outside. 

For anyone looking for a restaurant at Klong Prao Beach. The first shop that we would like to recommend is a Thai restaurant named Khao Kua, Thai-Isan food style. That the taste is a heavy guarantee that you will like or if you want a seafood restaurant, must not miss Je Ew Seafood restaurant, the famous seafood restaurant of Koh Chang. Their price is not as expensive as you think but deliciousness and freshness fresh as if picked from the sea. Or whether it is an Iyara Seafood restaurant in Koh Chang. They are located on the edge of the canal that is the point of water meets the ocean. Endorse the sunset at this shop is beautiful, unbeatable. If anyone wants a shop that has a good atmosphere, suitable for your special night. We recommend Kathi Cusine, a Thai restaurant where the taste is delicious.

What to do in Klong Prao Beach

For the first activity that we would like to recommend, is to go to in the jungle that in the end, you will found a waterfall at Khlong Phu Waterfall. Klong Phu Waterfall located in Ko Chang National Park. The waterfall will take about 10-15 minutes to walk through the forest, but don’t be afraid of being far away because on the way you will enjoy the beautiful nature of Koh Chang. Or who wants to try the elephant Riding an elephant into the forest Or bathe with baby elephants. Here, there is a lot of elephants Camp that you can choose. Or would like to try to drive an ATV into the forest. Or anyone who wants to interact with nature must walk a little Which has a wide selection of hiking trails ranging from 2-3 hrs to a full day.

Nightlife in Klong Prao Beach

For Klong Prao Beach, there may not be much nighttime activity. We recommend going to White Sand Beach or Kai Bae Beach that will full fill your night at Koh Chang.

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