Klong Koi Beach

The last beach of Koh Chang on west coast, where the tranquility here will make you fall in love.

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About Klong Koi Beach

If you are looking for a peaceful beach, not too crowded, good for reading books, sunbathing, sitting and talk about life. Here is where you have to come, Klong Koi Beach.

Klong Koi Beach is knows by other name as Golden Beach. At here is white sand and filled with restaurants Bungalows are lined up along the beach for you to relax. Which most tourists will come to choose for a long term stay With the surrounding area quiet, the sea can swim all year along the beach. Perfect for spending for a while to stay at Klong Koi Beach. How good is it if you wake up early in the morning with the sound of the waves blowing in the sand every morning.

Good For

Chill&Relax, Sunbath, Swimming, Kayaking, Reading, Massage and Dinner

Less Good For


Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- Klong Son Temple
- Chao Pho Shrine Koh Chang
- Fisherman Village
- Bicycle Tour
- Klong Chao Leam Waterfall

Stay in Klong Koi Beach

Klong Koi Beach will be a residential house and apartment with start on 400-500 baht up to 1,000 baht. By away from the beach, there are also many options and cheap prices options. 

We like to recommend a bungalow such as Klong Koi Cottage with next to the beach and has a nice atmosphere. The Beach Cafe, The Tropical Hideaway and Chivapuri Beach Resort, Chaipura Resort, Koh Chang Grand Lagoonna.

Restaurant & Cafe in Klong Koi Beach

Most restaurants are located next to the sea. With many choices, both the restaurants of The Beach Cafe, Klong Koi Cottage or will be Yui Restaurant. We recommend asking the restaurant about the dinner menu. Because most restaurants have some promotions night such as BBQ Buffet — All you can eat.

The evening of this beach is good for bringing your couple to sit and sip a cold beer with amazing sunset time. It would have been a romantic moment. 

What to do in Klong Koi Beach

Activities for Klong Koi Beach would be a real rest. We recommend carrying a book with you. Find a sleeping crib along the beach with a book in hand. Or go with Thai massage, oil massage that located on the beach. Let them massaging your body during listening to the sound of the sea breeze in the afternoon when the sunlight begins to weaken it’s not too bad. Or who wants to exercise a little, You can rent a kayak or standing board to kayaking in the sea.

Tips: If you want to swim in the ocean. At the beginning of the beach, there will be a lot of rocks. We recommend swimming in the middle of the beach with almost no rocks.

Nightlife in Klong Koi Beach

For anyone looking for nightlife in Klong Son Beach. We must say that you may disappoint. Because in this area is quite focused on peace with no shop at night for you to enjoy. There may be a fire show activity at the hotel where you are staying (if any) but you can travel to the White Sand Beach, the place area filled with many night activities for you. A varieties of night shops, live music, swinging mazes, fire shows and Muay Thai. It is only 10 minutes away from Klong Son Beach.

Bicycle Tour in Klong Son

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