Khao Nok Mountain

A mountain that are embraced with clear water in the ocean. This is one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Koh Chang.

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About Khao Nok Mountain

Khao Nok is an area where the mountains stretch out into the sea. It is next to Bang Bao Village. By the beginning of the mountain, it is a small street not too wide. With a small beach compiled along the way made into a sea basin which Khao Nok is one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Koh Chang.

Khao Nok is a rather special area. And if anyone has never searched for information before it is difficult to found this area. Therefore, have a few resorts in this area. And Khao Nok is still near the community, therefore, fit for anyone who wants tranquility escape the chaos but can find something to eat. Khao Nok is a good choice for you.

Good For

Chill&Relax, Kayaking, Snorkeling and Sunset

Less Good For

Nightlife and Small Beach

Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- Kayaking
- Snorkelling
- Sunset

Stay in Khao Nok Mountain

Options for relaxation at Khao Nok Quite diverse From 3-star hotels to 4-stars that are next to the sea. And they have a private beach for you to relax, whether it is Nirvana Resort, Bhuvarin Resort, and Resolution Resort Koh Chang. Will face the sunrise in the morning and you will see the view of Bang Bao Village throughout the village until the beautiful white lighthouse at the end of the bridge.

For anyone who wants to spend your evening with sunset view must don’t miss the Cliff Cottage, which has a bungalow for who want a chill here or with a tent accommodation! Yes, the 2-person white tents sleep comfortably on the top of the mountain. That can see the beautiful sunset surrounded by large trees it is good to read books during the day.

Or anyone who wants to take the experience with homestay style must don’t miss Khao Nok Homestay, which is located in the area of the mangrove forest. That is maintained by the owner who is real Koh Chang people and allowing you to take the experience true ambiance and lifestyle of Koh Chang.

Restaurant & Cafe in Khao Nok Mountain

Restaurants in Klong Son area may not have lot of options. We recommend a restaurant nearby the sea that allowing you to spend your time with seafood and sea views in front of Siam Royal View Beach Restaurant and Bar located at Siam Royal View Hotel nearby pool. Or move a bit with the Shambhala Beach Bar. Which gives a little more privacy but the view is beautiful. And there is also swimming pool amidst beautiful coconut trees for you to swim and relax.

If anyone who has stayed at The Aiyapura Koh Chang must not miss the Rabieng Talay Restaurant, which guarantees freshness of food in every menu.

What to do in Khao Nok Mountain

Of course, that won’t be missing. Is to hold your special person hand and sit to watch the sunset in the evening. May glab a can of beer will create a good atmosphere. Or who wants to dive, watch the coral reefs, look at sea cucumbers in the Khao Nok bay, you can ask for any service from Cliff Cottage restaurant as well.

Nightlife in Khao Nok Mountain

Khao Nok is an area with no party or any restaurants good for the night to immerse. Maybe you can spend your time with your accommodation. But if you are looking for the party, we recommend visiting Lonely Beach only 5 minutes for travel.

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