Kai Bae Beach

A complete area with eating, accommodation, activities and nightlife

complete beach

About Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Beach is complete beach that allow you to find anything you want. Whether it is fine and long sandy beach with many hotels beachfront, various restaurants, and nightlife. If you don’t like traveling during the day a lot to find attractions, Kai Bae Beach is perfect place in everything that you look for that we would like to recommend.

Kai Bae Beach Located in the middle of Koh Chang, the lower part of west coast. It is lively area from morning throught the night. There are many activities for you to do like Jungle Trek, Elephant Trekking, ATV in jungle, waterfalls and many more, including a variety of hotels for you to choose whether it is a luxury beach hotel or small hotel with high privacy. Including hostel for budget traveler. And many shops for food, whether it’s seafood buffet that we guarantee it is delicious and very fresh of food or will be an international food that available in general including wine shop, pub bar and many more for you. This is why Kai Bae Beach area is a complete place for you.

Good For

Chill & Relax, Swimming, Kayaking, Reading, Massage, Dinner and Nightlife

Less Good For

Ver busy in high season

Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- Elephant Camp
- Jungle Trekking
- Waterfall
- Kayaking

Stay in Kai Bae Beach

For hotels in Kai Bae Beach, there are many options Kai Bae Beach Resort, Kai Bae Hut Resort, Coral Resort, Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort, The White Knot Resort, Awa Koh Chang. You can spend time with the beautiful beach of Kai Bae Beach. That is guarantee to be one of the most beautiful spots in Koh Chang. Or anyone wishes to find a hotel that is not very large, we recommend at The Stage, Koh Chang located opposite the Awa Koh Chang. The hotel has a swimming pool in the middle. And with high privacy, clean and comfortable rooms.

Restaurant & Cafe in Kai Bae Beach

For anyone who wants to find a restaurant at Kai Bae Beach, We have to say that the options are very diverse, including home-style Thai food, western food with a variety of nationalities. Or a fresh seafood buffet is also available. So we started at the Thai restaurant first.

A Thai restaurant at Kai Bae Beach at the first one that we would like to recommend is Friend Seafood, a Thai restaurant that is easy to find on the roadside. Food will focus on fresh seafood that you can choose by your own ingredients with your hand.  And we confirm this restaurant is very delicious.

Next restaurant that can’t miss is the Took Ka Ta Kai Moon, a Thai restaurant next to Tesco Lotus. Highlight is the rotating grilled chicken that is show in front of the restaurant. Recommended food is rotating grilled chicken with a special recipe of the ingredients that guarantee how crispy of grilled chicken skin and juicy of meat that we want you to try.

Try western style food in Koh Chang, We would like to say that at Kai Bae Beach there are authentic western fod by a real western chef. Start at Papa’s Greek Restaurant, a Greek-style. They still remain the original the owner of the shop is a real Greek who came to open a restaurant in Koh Chang. Or will be the Sharky’s restaurant and Lounge terrace, which is an American-style meal that you will get into a romantic atmosphere with a cute decoration shop that nice for special moments.

Or if you are a buffet person, Don’t miss the Kung Kra Ta Buffet, the buffet that we raise to be the number one buffet restaurant in Koh Chang. With have live shrimp is for you to enjoy including much fresh seafood, whether it is a variety of shell, squid, fish, as well as pork, chicken, and sweet dessert in the day you tried of the activities of the day,full ofl with nice meal and the price that can say itvery worthwhile

What to do in Kai Bae Beach

If anyone has already stayed at Kai Bae Beach, The Activities that we would like to recommend are kayaking to Savan Island, which is not far away from Koh Chang. Take the time to paddle in a few minutes. And you can also spend time sleeping or sunbathing on the island of Savan. Even more, during times if people are not too crowded it can call to go callr private island ever.

But if anyone doesn’t like kayaking, you can come to find other activities like elephant riding or bathing with a baby elephant at sea It an interesting experience. With being able to scrub a little baby elephant (very naughty), splashing water with a baby elephant in the evening with a beautiful sunset in behind it would be amazing.

Nightlife in Kai Bae Beach

For those who are looking for a nightly activity at Kai Bae Beach, We would like to say that you came on the right place. At this Kai Bae Beach, You can find many live music stores like Funky Monkey Cafe, a semi-bar restaurant with live music for you to listen to every night. Seabreeze Cocktail Bar & Live Music with a large live band. The skilful master or it’s a must-see restaurant with Filou Restaurant Koh Chang, where the restaurant has both seats, indoor & outdoor, with delicious food for you to eat while listening to live music throughout the night.

elephant camp

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