Chai Chet Beach

A small beach is full of peace and charm that you will fall in love

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About Chai Chet Beach

Chai Chet Beach is not a very long beach with a few resorts makes this beach not to be busy. But you still find a restaurant and shopping some souvenirs in the area. This beach is good for resting and spending time with your spouse. The beach will stretch to the end of Klong Prao Beach. Where you can spend an evening stroll watching the sunset with beautiful views that are unbeatable.

Good For

Sunset, Chilling, Swim and Dinner

Less Good For


Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- Chat Chet View Point

Stay in Chai Chet Beach

The accommodation in this area that we would like to recommend first is Chai-Chet Resort Koh Chang. There is a viewpoint that is a bridge extending certify that it is beautiful and unbeatable. Or with another place, Coconut Beach Resort, the hotel is next to Chai Chet beach. That you can walk out of the room, jump into the sea within a few steps.

Restaurant & Cafe in Chai Chet Beach

If you choose to stay in Chai Chet Beach. About food, food is not to worry. In front of the entrance of both hotels, there will be a restaurant, a cart to open a shop to serve in the evening for you to choose to buy a lot. There are also 7-11, Lotus Express, including V Mart that have souvenirs for you to shopping.

What to do in Chai Chet Beach

With the fact that this beach is not very long, The activity that we would like to recommend is kayaking or will be sunbathing. For anyone who wants to have a nice photo, There has a beautiful rock area for shooting.

Nightlife in Chai Chet Beach

For nightlife activities, You can relax and enjoy live music that is show in your hotel throughout the night. Or anyone looking for a place to relax. We recommend going to White Sand Beach area. Where you can find restaurants or pub bars for you to enjoy all night.

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