Bang Bao Village

Old fisherman floating village, Located on the two sides of the pier.

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About Bang Bao Village

Bang Bao Village is a bustling village. Located at the bridge of the path to the pier for snorkeling activity to see the coral reef. By which the two sides are lined with souvenir shops and famous seafood restaurants of Koh Chang that anyone must try. 

Bang Bao Village is an important community There is a mooring point for diving, watching the coral reefs to various islands and also a large shopping area. With a variety of shops and products that are open for sale throughout the walk to the pier. And at the end of the pier, You will find a large, elegant, white lighthouse. It’s a beautiful spot to take pictures. And another point is the temple of a village with an old church that is both beautiful and peaceful at the same time. 

Good For

Shopping, Eating, Chill&Relax and Dinner

Less Good For

Nightlife and no beach here

Must Do/ Try/ Visit

- Fishing

Stay in Bang Bao Village

For accommodation in the Bang Bao area, you will find 2 types of accommodation. The first is floating accommodation according to along the path down to the pier. Which is clearly divided into rooms There are a variety of options that we would like to recommend, such as The Buddha View Resort, Ocean Blue Guesthouse or El Greco Guesthouse. All of them have a restaurant inside and ready to serve you with breakfast in the morning with the soft sunlight and ocean waves sound. 

For another type of accommodation, Will be accommodation on the ground most will arrive before walking way to the pier. Which will look like a 2-story apartment that will share rooms for rent Both daily and monthly, such as Alysia Springs Resort or Sunnyinn Koh Chang. But if you are looking for a bungalow house without a beach, the choice that we would recommend would be at Coconut Garden Koh Chang.

Restaurant & Cafe in Bang Bao Village

You can find many chilling restaurants at Bang Bao Village, whether it is The Buddha View Resort, Ocean Blue Guesthouse or El Greco Guesthouse that we mentioned above. Where food is an American style. Which you will sit and enjoy the food along with the beautiful sea view, especially at The Buddha View, where you can see the sunset as same as their name of the restaurant. 

The seafood restaurant here is so fresh. And the taste that is known as authentic Thai by the quality of that material called fresh out of the showcase. If you are looking for a special dinner with fresh seafood, don’t miss out on many restaurants, whether it’s Thai Ruen Seafood, Chao Le Seafood, and Nong Yim Seafood.

What to do in Bang Bao Village

For Bang Bao Village what you have to do is to take a boat trip to adventure in underwater of Koh Chang. Which you will find many fish join the coral reef that still exists, in general, Went to sit and chill at various small islands such as Koh Wai, Koh Lai Ya, and other islands. You can go with Wooden Boat with join trip Or if you are a large group, you can provide a private wooden boat Or if anyone wants more special you can go with a speed boat trip to make your more exclusive. For those who like fishing, squid fishing, don’t miss Fishing Boat Trip for you to go fishing in the Gulf of Thailand. That guarantees that it will be an amazing experience that you must not forget for sure.

Or anyone who is a chilling person, how to spend your afternoon time with a good book at some restaurant that floating on the ocean? It would be good to sit and read while listening to ocean sounds. Just thinking about it makes me comfortable.

Nightlife in Bang Bao Village

Bang Bao Village is a community that has a lot of people living together in a variety of families. That is a very traditional community makes no night activities unless you just sit and enjoy the dinner. But if you need a little of music, light, or alcohol. We recommend you to go to Lonely Beach, which is the source of nightlife music in Koh Chang. Which takes only 5 minutes for travel.

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